Adding Prices

1. Go to "MY PRICES" on the left column.

2. Under the "Setup rates" tab, enter your fuel surcharge and whether you accept residential jobs. 

3. Scroll down and click on "add a new rate" under "Publicly sold prices" and add via "rate sheet".  

4. Enter your pallet / FTL rate. For pallet rates, be sure to enter the maximum pallet dimensions you will take. and the pricing rules. 

Leave the category blank if you are providing general freight. For cold chain carriers, please choose refrigerated and chilled / frozen. If providing both, leave it as "all subcategories". 

5. Indicate whether you provide tail lift, the truck type it applies to and the rates. If providing pallet rates, enter it under PER PALLET. If providing an hourly / distance / KG rate, enter it accordingly and advise if any basic price will apply. The basic price is applied per shipment. 

E.g. If basic price is $20 and per pallet is $100, price for 1 pallet is $120. Price for 2 pallets is $220 as it will be 20 + 100 + 100).

Remember to click on "instant confirmation" so the rates appear immediately after being saved! It is up to you to offer door to door service or not. 

6. Lastly, let us know where this rate applies to. After clicking on the state / territory, a list of locations will pop up with pre-defined areas. 

7. Click on "SAVE RATE" and it will be automatically recorded.