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Using cost centres to allocate carriers

FreightExchange gives users the functionality to allocate different carriers and costs by using cost centres. This means, when you are entering a quote or making a booking for a cost centre, only specific carriers and costs will be returned. You can link cost centres to one or more carriers and vice versa.

We have two ways of linking cost centres to carriers:

1. Non-Strict

A non-strict mapping is where a cost centre will select the specified carrier if it is available, but that carrier is also available to any other cost centre.

2. Strict

The "strict" Cost Centre <-> Carrier mapping creates an exclusive linkage between cost centre and carrier. The cost centre can only be booked on the linked carrier, and in turn that carrier is not available to any other cost centre. The relationship works in reverse in that any carrier linked to a specific cost centre will only be able to be selected for shipments for that cost centre.

Example of applying the Strict mapping

Cost Centre Cost_A1 is linked to carriers Carrier_1 and Carrier_2. Shipments for cost centre Cost_A1 can only be quoted and booked for carriers Carrier_1 and Carrier_2. Carriers Carrier_1 and Carrier_2 will not appear for quotes or bookings for cost centre Cost_A2.

There is no ability to directly override a Strict mapping in FreightExchange. A workaround is to have a second cost centre that does not have the limitation applied and use that for quotes and bookings where the strict carrier selection needs to be overridden.

Using cost centres to present freight costs (sales rates)

FreightExchange also allows specific cost centres to be linked to different sales rates. 


Cost Centre Cost_A1 is linked to a freight cost (sales rate) of cost plus where Cost Centre Cost_A2 presents freight costs at a flat rate of $10 per consignment and Cost_A3 presents freight costs as being free.

How to create and edit cost centres

How to navigate to the cost centres screen

  1. Navigate to My Company Details
  2. Click on the Cost Centres tab

How to add a new cost centre

  1. Type the new cost centre into the "Enter new cost centre" field
  2. Click the "+Add cost centre" button
  3. The new cost centre will appear in the list

How to edit a cost centre

  1. Search for the cost cost centre in the "Cost centre" filter box
  2. Click the pencil to edit the cost centre you wish to edit
  3. Edit as required
  4. Click the green check box to save

Getting quotes using cost centres

If cost centres are mandatory for carrier selection, you will be required to enter a valid cost centre at the quote and booking stage.

To test:

  1. Navigate to the Get Quote screen
  2. Complete the quote form
  3. Type in the relevant cost centre (see screenshot below)
  4. Only the relevant carriers costs / quotes will be presented